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New Site Released: Jan 2015


Welcome to the ULTRA TechLife site. We provide unique science and technology articles, analysis, consumer guides, product reviews, entertainment pieces, and more from expert perspectives. Be sure to bookmark us and tell your friends about our new site. Read on to learn more about our new features.

In the process of releasing our new site, we've deleted all previous likes and comments (since we've also transitioned to a new comment system). The new site overhaul includes a completely new custom design, a mobile friendly interface, new science and technology articles, reviews, and new image compression technology (loads faster). In addition, we're really excited to announce that our entire website can now be translated into nearly any language.

The ULTRA TechLife website was designed by Emera Media and has been awarded full W3C compliance for industry standard interoperability. We recommend that you have the latest version of either Firefox or Chrome as well as Flash and Java to experience the most of our site.

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