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Be a part of something cool. ULTRA TechLife offers high-quality unique science and tech content, news, DIY guides, professional product reviews, plus more - from expert perspectives. We also have a YouTube channel that's growing in popularity. This media page provides information about requesting media appearances, advertising, sponsorships, business partnerships, and public speaking opportunities. Advertising and sponsorship is available for 2023-2024.

Information for Media, Advertisers & Sponsors

Our brand, ULTRA TechLife is all about unique science and tech content. We feature diverse topics, expert perspectives, do-it-yourself projects, smart consumer tips, professional reviews, and a bit of entertainment. Our goal is to promote science and exploration, improve global infrastructure, high-quality education, and to highlight important news or trends. Life involves so much technology that it's important to keep up with ways to make it work for you, understand current events, and start to look towards our future - that's where we make a difference.

Background & Vision

Our vision from inception is to provide a new media venue featuring high-quality content related to the science and technology that drives our world. ULTRA TechLife was created by Ben Alonzo (bio), one of the world's most cross-trained science and tech experts. Based on continuously increasing traffic metrics, our audience is prime at 15-50 years old. In 2021, we purchased new servers, new camera equipment, and expanded our resources in various subject areas. We want to get people to think and explore. We also reach an international audience of people that are highly interested in science and technology content because our site can also be translated into nearly any language.

Advertising & Sponsorship

We have tens of thousands of unique visitors each month and our metrics continue to grow quickly. ULTRA TechLife attracts a wide variety of potential customers, from tech enthusiasts, electronics consumers, hobbyists, small business owners, scientists, budget shoppers, health professionals, international business officials, college students, to those simply looking for interactive entertainment.

A new trend involves many people visiting our site to find budget consumer electronic information, anything tech-related that can make their life easier. And who can you trust, with all of the fake reviews from popular online retailers? That's also where we can make a difference. Having an actual name or real person behind a product review will help drive sales and increase consumer satisfaction. It is also a matter of not just buying things but learning how to make things work better at home. Consumers want good science and tech content.

Our prime target audience continues to be people age 15-50, primarily from the United States. Our audience includes a wide variety of desktop and mobile users that enjoy reading and watching our digital media content. Much of our audience are now reading our articles on tablets and smartphones.

Given our continuously growing traffic metrics and global reach of the proprietary search optimization techniques we use, our sponsors and advertisers get unique exposure. Since Alonzo is also a professor, he has a key ability to show off the latest science and tech stuff in the classroom, online, and at public events. We're also featured on radio, television, online, and print outlets, which means further market exposure. He's an expert public speaker with demonstrated expertise in science and tech industry and retail products.

We have advertising space available including graphical, video, and voice over (mention) at very affordable rates. This is an excellent opportunity to gain diverse market exposure. We're also actively looking for sponsors to provide us with useful cell phone data, software, hardware, computer, network, instruments, video equipment, transportation, and education resources. If you're interested in advertising or sponsorship, please contact us and provide your details. We expect a huge jump in our reach this year.

Interviews & Public Speaking Events

Ben Alonzo has a passion for everything science and tech. He would love to speak to your group, business, school, agency, or organization. Due to a busy schedule, interviews and public speaking engagements will be limited. Events can be public or private and involve audiences of any size. Topics may include various science and technology subjects. Requests must include full details of the event, including information about the agency, company, school, or organization they represent as well as contact details. International clients are also welcomed.

Audiences and students both describe Alonzo as enthusiastic, unique, approachable, often describing his talks as entertaining, very informative, memorable, motivating, and inspiring. Public speaking topics and talks have previously included: tech literacy, cybersecurity, public health, severe weather forecasting, earth and space science, computer applications, HTML programming, air pollution, climate change, secular development, entrepreneurship, higher education, environmental science, emergency medical science, first aid, spotting junk science, defending against trojans, injections, and keylogger attacks, risk reduction, disaster data recovery, emergency communications, disaster preparedness, digital media production, and healthy lifestyles.

Having an expert present a topic to your agency, school, or organization can enhance learning and raise interest in particular subjects. Long-distance travel costs must be paid by the requesting party or sponsor. An honorarium is suggested for academic talks.

If you are requesting an interview or speaking event, please contact us and provide your details.

Featured Reviews

Do you have an exciting new product or promotion? We may be interested in reviewing your product and presenting it in our websites, HD channel, in the classroom, during interviews, shows, and public events.

We can present items to consumers and professionals from an expert's perspective, informing them of their options, including performance, features, affordability, quality, technical details, tips, and an overall rating. We also integrate products into our special features, which are often picked up by radio, television, online, and print media.

ULTRA TechLife's Director, Ben Alonzo, has been deep into consumer electronics, technical writing, and testing new products that companies are about to introduce to the public. Some of the products he has tested include smart televisions, media players, tablet computers, radios, wireless routers, gaming systems, futuristic toys, remote control vehicles, digital cameras, weather radios, scientific instruments, and solar power equipment. Testing involves performance checks, measurements, firmware bug identification and fix recommendations, creating review videos and articles, and writing easier owner's manuals and online guides for users. Ben describes this process as "interesting and unexpected" because these products have a wide range of quality, durability, economic feasibility, and usability. His worst case was a dash cam concept unit sent to him that caught fire on first charge. The best case was an unexpected cheap media player that has been dunked in water, run over, dropped hundreds of times, and somehow has still survived to function perfectly fine almost six years later. New consumer electronics products are always coming onto the market, and we can't wait to see the next best thing. Please use the contact us for review requests.

Credentials & Venue Access

Authorized ULTRA TechLife staff may operate in a press role to cover certain news or events that are of particular interest to our organization, not limited to area, county, city, state, or country.

ULTRA TechLife expects all agencies, business, and organizations to recognize the role of the media and limited privileges afforded to the press. We ask for full compliance for authorized employees, including providing credentials and or location, scene, and venue access.

Our employees are trained to operate in a professional manner, respecting scene integrity, safety, security, privileged information situations, as well as personal safety. To check the status of an ULTRA TechLife employee, click here. You will be taken to our parent company, Storm Sector, LLC. ULTRA TechLife is a Storm Sector, LLC website. Unauthorized use of ULTRA TechLife identification is a felony punishable by law.