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    Ben Alonzo (the founder of ULTRA TechLife) is a science and tech expert, professor, business leader, adventurer, pilot...
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    Ben is a highly rated professor that teaches a wide variety of subjects...
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    He loves flying just for fun...
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    Ben is an adventurer that loves drones and making films...
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    Ben is a fitness pro that once lost over 140 lbs and became a male model...
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    His hobbies include over two decades of storm chasing around the US...
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    He loves outdoor adventures, swimming, scuba diving, and fishing...

Founder's Biography

Meet Ben Alonzo - one of the most unique cross-trained science and tech experts in the world. He founded ULTRATechLife.com to share his passion for science and the ultra-tech lifestyle. Ben holds a MS in Information Technology, MS in Geoscience, MS in Health and Nutrition, and a BS in Geoscience. His formal education comes from the University of Kansas, Mississippi State University, Arizona State University, and dozens of other colleges and emergency medical science schools. Alonzo is a highly-rated professor that teaches at some of the largest US public colleges, including Valencia College, Seminole State College, and St. Petersburg College. Some of the subjects he has taught include earth science, environmental science, geology, oceanography, meteorology, computer repair, computer support, network security, operating systems, soil science, space science, and public health. He is the CEO of the sci-tech firm Storm Sector, LLC. Alonzo is also the author of hundreds of science and tech articles, which have appeared on popular sites, including the Houston Chronicle, eHow, Scienting, Heart, and other news networks. Ben has written about science and tech for over ten years. He is the current director of ULTRA TechLife.

Extensive, Diverse Expertise

Ben's education and training background is extremely diverse. He has earned over 340 college credit hours, primarily spanning science and technology subjects. His expertise areas include environmental science, severe weather meteorology, climatology, emergency medical science, public health, disease prevention, emergency management, information technology, and cybersecurity.

He enjoys learning, teaching, exploring, and solving problems using advanced technology. Alonzo's classes are popular because of his unique teaching style, rare background, high-quality lectures, promotion of sound science, and consistently positive feedback from students.

Alonzo holds numerous professional licenses and certifications, including Emergency Medical Technician, A+ Information Technology Professional, American Heart Association Healthcare Provider, Federal Aviation Administration Pilot, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Communications Commission, National Cable Telecommunications Association, IBM Support Specialist, and Professional Association of Diving Instructors Scuba Diver certification.

Ben's diverse background spans enterprise computer and network systems, healthcare, emergency medical, emergency management, telecommunications, weather forecasting, consumer electronics, journalism, digital media production, computer programming, web development, entreprenuership, and cybersecurity.. He has worked with some of the biggest names in technology, such as IBM, Intuit, NCR, Motorola, and CBS. Ben is a business leader, deeply involved in small-to-medium business operations. He is also business partners with numerous restaurants around the US, involved in nearly all aspects of their operation.

*Ben is looking for co-author and equipment assistance for a biomedical research project as a graduate student researcher at Arizona State University's College of Health Solutions. Please contact him by viewing his graduate studies profile page.

Find What You Love

Computer programming is both a hobby and profession for Alonzo. He has developed anything from weather radar and warning to real estate database software. Ben gained expertise in C++, HTML/CSS, Java, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, and XML. He picked up programming initially as a teen and then started studying various languages in college as well as on-the-job. He enjoys component-level PC troubleshooting and repair (soldering, replacing internal batteries, screens, etc.) and he regularly builds custom, multi-OS, high-end desktop computers.

Ben is deep into consumer electronics, technical writing, testing, and reviewing new products about to be introduced to the market. Some of the products he has tested include smart televisions, media players, tablets, two-way radios, wireless routers, gaming systems, drones, digital cameras, weather radios, scientific instruments, and solar power equipment. Testing involves performance checks, measurements, firmware bug identification and fix recommendations, creating review videos and articles, and writing easier owner's manuals and online guides for users. He loves to help consumers make great choices, find budget technology, and gives them free tips to get the most out of products he reviews.

Overcoming Extreme Life Challenges

Ben is no stranger to rare, unique circumstances and life challenges. He worked hard, through diet and exercise to lose 140 pounds, regularly going to the gym and is now a male fitness model. He also survived numerous economic crashes where he had to start over, building successful businesses by making strategic decisions. It took him 6 months to walk normally again after experiencing a massive bilateral pulmonary embolism, where he was in the ICU for a month, after routine surgery went wrong. Since then, he has become a fitness pro, more focused on life and success than ever, constantly working on himself and helping others. He has lots of unique, fascinating stories that captivate, motivate, and inspire.

Cool Hobbies

Hobbies are a cool way to get exercise, learn, apply, study, and stay entertained, especially with the stresses of life. Ben is a licensed private pilot that loves flying whenever he can. He is also a musician that loves guitar, likes to produce videos, loves gaming, enjoys traveling all over the world and meeting new people. He is also an FCC-licensed Advanced Class ham radio operator that loves experimenting with antennas. You may have seen some of his storm pictures or videos on TV as well because he is also a veteran storm chaser.

Ben loves athletic adventures, working out in the gym, running, mountain biking, and surf fishing. In his free time, he has also spent over fifteen years volunteering with multiple organizations to serve the community. He wants to get into independent filmmaking.

Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

We are actively looking for potential advertisers, sponsors, and business partners that have products or services of interest to our audience. We feature content from expert perspectives to potential customers and industry leaders. Ben also loves to show off the latest science and tech stuff in the classroom, online, and during public events. Our audience continues to grow, and we are always looking for awesome products and services. See the media kit for more information, public speaking, interview, and sponsorship requests. Feel free to contact us with your questions or requests.

Public Speaking Requests

Ben loves to speak about science and tech topics. Please see the contact page or his academic college profile pages for public speaking requests (schools, government, corporate, and non-profit organizations welcome).

Write for ULTRA TechLife

ULTRA TechLife is also interested in hearing from science, tech, medical/health, and engineering undergraduate and graduate students with demonstrated subject matter expertise to write content for our website. Send us your resume, an introduction about yourself, and examples of something you have written online. We may decide to work with you on either a paid or volunteer basis. Select internships (required for various credit(s)) may also be available. Demonstrated expertise means you have successfully completed coursework, a degree, and or license/certification related to your writing topics. Proof of expertise is required.


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