I lost 100 pounds using the scientific keto diet and exercise routine

By Ben Alonzo

There’s a growing amount of scientific evidence that points to the keto diet as an effective way to rapidly lose weight. At a time when most of the US is overweight, it’s important to avoid fad diets, fake pills, false advertising, and the ultimate disaster obesity can end with – early death. No true weight loss plan will work without the right exercise and diet. Don’t forget to also watch what you drink! Obesity is risky and it’s worth making the decision to lose weight and take the first step right now. There’s nothing for sale here, just good health science information. Apply science in your life with these free tips and see the results for yourself.

Journey Losing 100 Pounds

It took me under 10 months to lose 100 pounds. It was a life-changing event for me. Before I wrote this article or discussed this in public, I waited a while to make sure I kept the weight off. This is such an accomplishment that I wanted to share how this was done and how others could apply science to see results for themselves. There’s a very clear diet and exercise routine I followed on a daily basis. I’ll tell you right now that the beginning of any serious diet and exercise routine is tough. It’s painful in the beginning and there was cheating and frustration. But I was determined to lose the weight and stick to this program because I know science works. After all, I’m a science professor. It makes sense that I should apply what I teach to myself. I used to be over 300 lbs and now I’m under 200 and continue to lose weight. This has changed my life. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.

I experimented with exactly what I could eat on the diet. I knew there were “keto diet” lists out there but they are not comprehensive or unique. It’s true that you have to avoid high carbs and sugars on this diet, but I found a compromise that still works. You still have to watch what you eat and drink, but I’ve made it more practical.

See the results for yourself in this awesome video.

I did this the scientific way. I had blood tests done. I have a MS in Health and Nutrition and I’m an emergency medical technician that has my own test equipment. I also used ketone test strips to check myself every day. Measuring is important. I weighed myself every morning. This is one way of keeping yourself accountable. Speaking of accountable, I wrote down everything I ate each day on a calendar along with my weight. After 3 days I could see the diet start to work – but that’s just a start and when most people stop and cheat. I continued and after a month I was hooked. After I while, I didn’t really crave unhealthy food. That’s a good thing and common to happen to people on this diet. You get results and you want to keep them.

Buying new clothes was the point when I realized this was reality. I’m a new person. I’m athletic. It didn’t happen overnight and this was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I had planned on losing a significant amount of weight so I knew this would be a significant amount of effort. I’m regularly going to the gym and continue to lose weight. Although I reached my goal, I set a new one and I’m losing a bit more weight. I’ll then work on building some more upper body muscle mass. I’m happy so why not share my results?

Most people ask me what diet I used. They are shocked when I tell them but unfortunately the first question they ask is usually “how often can you cheat on the diet.” You’re not serious if you’re planning on cheating before you even start a diet. Try not to cheat. It happens in the beginning, but return to the diet and overcome the temptations… it’s worth it.

The Diet

The Keto Diet is an effective way to rapidly lose weight, according to Harvard and Ohio State University. I’ve been aware of this diet because of my previous graduate school research. I looked pretty deep into how it worked. Ketosis is a process where your liver produces energy from stored fat, called ketone bodies. Your body uses glucose as fuel from things like carbohydrates (bread, fruit, vegetables, etc.). But this diet uses ketones to rapidly lose weight. You get into ketosis by eating less than 30 grams of carbs per day. It usually takes about two days of doing this to start the diet. You get ketone urine test strips to test yourself and see a positive result when your body enters ketosis. This diet means you need to mostly eat lean proteins, such as steak, chicken, or bacon. You can also eat select good fats like a little bit of avocado. However, you’re supposed to stay away from high carb things like french fries – they aren’t good for you anyways.

You need to limit yourself to under 1,200-1,500 or less calories per day (total). Check the nutritional information of everything you eat and drink. As a matter of fact, avoid pretty much anything but tea and water to drink, it’s easier and safer that way. Don’t try loading up on caffeine just to “lose more weight.”

I figured out ways to make this diet work even when you’re surrounded by junk food – improvise! Like cheeseburgers? Fine, don’t eat the bun, ketchup, or french fries. Eat the patty, cheese, lettuce, and whatever other reasonable toppings you like. If you must, just eat 1-4 french fries. That’s not a joke. As long as you don’t eat more than that many fries, you can actually stick to this diet. Exercise is also about will power. Drinking green tea is also excellent on this diet. Don’t forget to regularly drink enough water and exercise.

The Exercise

Most legitimate diets require regular exercise. I started out by just making sure I walked at least 15 minutes every day. After that, I increased the time to 35 minutes and then 60 minutes every day. Don’t overdue your exercise, especially on a diet. Work your way up from something simple to more rigorous later. Running is great. The biggest thing is to maintain some kind of physical activity every day. I recommend riding a bike, playing basketball, or swimming as well. Any activity can count towards your daily exercise time. Exercise is good for you physically and mentally – it can even help with stress and depression.

Obesity is Risky

Obesity is linked to all kinds of cancer, diabetes, lung disease, kidney disorders, vision problems, blood clots, heart attacks, depression, and early death. At least 72% of US adults are overweight and 40% are obese (1). It’s much worse than that because these numbers are underestimated. The main cause of obesity is overeating and not enough exercise 1. The body stores excess energy as fat, which builds up over time. If you let this go on too long, it will kill you. Even genes can be counteracted by eating right and exercising. The seriousness of obesity should be enough motivation to make a change.


Be safe about this diet and exercise. Talk to your physician, health scientist or personal trainer to come up with a good diet and exercise routine for you, especially if you have any preexisting conditions. Start from the beginning and then work your way up to something more rigorous. The keto diet works and is a controlled way of losing your weight when it’s done correctly. I challenge you to make that decision to change your life and become a healthier person, especially if you’re obese or overweight. It’s worth getting healthier. You’ll see results, if you stick to this diet and understand it doesn’t happen overnight.

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Author: Ben Alonzo is a unique science and tech expert, professor, entrepreneur, and journalist. He founded ULTRATechLife.com and is the CEO of the tech firm Storm Sector, LLC. Ben holds an MS in Information Technology, MS in Geoscience, MS in Health & Nutrition, and a BS in Geoscience. He is a highly rated professor that teaches a wide variety of college courses within earth, environmental, computer sciences and public health. His diverse background spans enterprise information technology, healthcare, weather forecasting, consumer electronics, digital media, web development, and business leadership. He holds numerous professional licenses and certifications, ranging from information technology to healthcare and emergency medical technician. Ben is a tech entrepreneur and is business partners with multiple restaurants. He is also a private pilot, fitness pro, musician, and loves filmmaking. Alonzo has written about science and tech for over 10 years. You can see some of his past articles on the Houston Chronicle, Heart, and other networks. In his free time, he likes scuba diving, storm chasing, and the gym.
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