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ULTRA TechLife is a new media venue featuring unique science and tech content, including news, analysis, and reviews from expert perspectives. Founded and directed by scientist, tech expert, professor, and author Ben Alonzo, our goal is to educate, inform, promote science, and encourage people to explore. We hope that you will help us continue to grow by telling your friends and coworkers about our site and social media.


Site History

Every scientist has a story. The ULTRA TechLife (UTL) site was introduced in 2012, created by science and tech expert Ben Alonzo. After years of improvements, the site has quickly grown with new content and an expanded global reach. There was a huge overhaul of the site design and content in 2015, which introduced a new interactive blog, science and tech sections, and regular consumer electronics reviews. UTL stems from a previous idea and site started in 2003, called StormSector. Ben knew that websites were a great way to share information, promote science, and discuss technology issues. Why not improve the site and expand? That's exactly what the goal was: to meet the challenge of becoming bigger and better.

It took many years and thousands of lines of code to finally turn a vision into reality. This new vision involved presenting awesome science and tech content from expert perspectives. People appreciate informative articles, encouragement, free guides, and helpful expertise. A new idea meant a new domain name and server. The migration to the new UTL domain and server brought huge improvements to quality of content and audience reach, which includes regular visitors from much of North America, Europe, and Asia. The UTL site can be translated into nearly any language and has been verified as an interoperable World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) compliant website. A history of continued improvements, upgrades, and demonstrated expertise means great things are ahead.

Founder & Director Biography


ULTRA TechLife (UTL) was founded by Ben Alonzo, a unique science and tech expert. Ben has a passion for everything science and tech, but always makes sure he has time for hobbies, the community, and enjoying the outdoors. He holds multiple degrees, including a Master of Science in Geoscience, Master of Science in Health, and a Bachelor's in Geoscience from Mississippi State University. Alonzo is a highly-rated professor that teaches at multiple colleges, including Florida State College, Seminole State College, and Valencia College. Some of the courses he teaches include: computer science, earth and space science, environmental science, geology, meteorology, oceanography, and public health. His favorite areas of research are: mesoscale meteorology, environmental sustainability, climate, public health, and information technology and communications. He's currently in information technology graduate studies at Arizona State University's Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering. Ben is also the CEO and Systems Engineering Director of the digital media and tech consulting firm Emera Media. He's the author of many science and tech articles, which have appeared on popular news and magazine sites, such as the Houston Chronicle and eHow. He's been writing about science and tech for nearly ten years.


Alonzo holds numerous professional licenses and certifications, including Emergency Medical Technician, A+ Information Technology Professional, American Heart Association Healthcare Provider, Federal Emergency Management, Federal Communications Commission, National Cable Telecommunications Association, IBM Support Specialist, and Professional Association of Diving Instructors Scuba Diver certification. Alonzo is also a member of the American Meteorological Society and National Environmental Health Association.

His diverse background includes computer and network engineering, healthcare, emergency medical, commercial telecommunications, weather forecasting, consumer electronics, digital media, and web development. He's worked with some of the biggest names in technology, such as IBM, Intuit, NCR, Motorola, and CBS.

Ben's background also includes testing VHF/UHF radio firmware, emergency communications, writing technical documents for commercial wireless companies, Skywarn net control operator, and writing radio communications articles for large online news outlets. He was also one of the youngest people to receive a ham radio license (now Advanced Class, FCC) in the 1990's.

During his free time, Ben's spent over fifteen years volunteering with multiple organizations to serve the community. He enjoys exploring the world, discovering new things, observing nature, educating, and meeting new people.

Ben loves to teach, share knowledge, and speak to others about science and tech topics. Please see our contact page or his academic college profile pages for public speaking requests.

Our Content Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed on our site or associated content reflect those of the author only and may not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of his/her university, organization, staff, associates, advertisers, or employers. Our site may also contain guest articles authored by guest contributors. Authors exercise freedom of thought and speech. We encourage true free speech, freedom of information, freethought, freedom from religion, intellectual discussion, and exploration of science. Without freethinkers and exploration, we would not have the advanced science and tech we enjoy today.

Open Call

We're actively looking for potential advertisers, partners, and businesses that have unique products and services related to our mission statement. We've also started an expert product review section that uniquely reviews and presents highlights to potential customers. We're also available for live reports, talk shows, special projects, and public speaking engagements. Ben loves to show off the latest science and tech stuff in the classroom, online, and during public events. We reach a growing, diverse global audience. Please visit the media center for further information. We reserve the right to decline products or services. See our media kit for more information.

UTL is also interested in hearing from science, tech, and engineering undergraduates and graduates with demonstrated subject matter expertise to write content for our website. Send us your resume, an introduction about yourself, and examples of something you've written online. We may decide to work with you on either a paid or volunteer basis.

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