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Site History

We've come a long way since our website was first introduced. The ULTRA TechLife (UTL) website was introduced in 2012, created by science and tech expert Ben Alonzo. After years of improvements, the site quickly grew with new content and an international audience. UTL is a way to share science and tech thoughts with people all over the world. Thousands of lines of code later, the site now displays on multiple platforms, can be translated into nearly any language, and loads faster than ever before. We're looking forward to further improvement, becoming bigger and better with our content and reach.

Founder Biography

ULTRA TechLife was founded by Ben Alonzo, a unique science and tech expert. The site was first introduced in 2012 and has quickly grown to include an international audience. Ben has a passion for everything science and tech. He holds multiple degrees, including a MS in Geoscience, MS in Nutrition and Health, and a BS in Geoscience from Mississippi State University. Alonzo is a highly-rated professor that teaches at some of the largest US public colleges, including Florida State College, Seminole State, and Valencia College. Some of the courses he teaches include: computer applications, earth science, environmental science, geology, meteorology, public health, and oceanography. He's currently in information technology graduate studies at Arizona State University's Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, where he's just one course away from earning an MS in Information Technology. Ben is CEO of the digital media and consulting firm Storm Sector, LLC in Florida. He's the author of many science and tech articles, which have appeared on popular news and magazine sites, including the Houston Chronicle, eHow, Sciencing, Hearst, and other news networks. He's been writing about science and tech for over ten years. Ben is currently the director of ULTRA TechLife.

Extensive Expertise

Ben's earned over 300 college credit hours, primarily spanning science and technology courses. He's studied calculus, climatology, computer programming, digital photography, earth science, emergency management, emergency medical science, epidemiology, environmental science, geographic information systems, information and communications technology, internet security, media production, meteorology, planetary science, public health, servers and networks, statistics, technical writing, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and web development. He had an early interest in science because of severe weather as a child. His favorite undergraduate courses included synoptic meteorology, radar meteorology, numerical weather prediction, mesoscale forecasting, and isentropic analysis. He continues to learn more diverse science and tech knowledge.

Ben enjoys learning, teaching, exploring, and solving problems using advanced technology. Alonzo's classes are popular because of his unique teaching style, rare background, high-quality lectures, promotion of sound science, and consistently positive feedback from students.

Alonzo holds numerous professional licenses and certifications, including Emergency Medical Technician, A+ Information Technology Professional, American Heart Association Healthcare Provider, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Emergency Management, Federal Communications Commission, National Cable Telecommunications Association, IBM Support Specialist, and Professional Association of Diving Instructors Scuba Diver certification. Alonzo is also a member of the National Environmental Health Association.

His diverse background spans enterprise computer and network systems, healthcare, emergency medical, emergency management, telecommunications, weather forecasting, consumer electronics, journalism, digital media, computer programming, and web development. He's worked with some of the biggest names in technology, such as IBM, Intuit, NCR, Motorola, and CBS.

Pictured: Photo of computer room Ben installed, one of his custom-built tri-boot desktop computers, and one of the corporate networks he built.

Ben's always worked with computers, networks, servers, and software. Throughout his corporate career, he's built thousands of desktop computers, constructed voice and data systems, directed large imaging and deployment projects, desktop-network support groups, server installations, configurations, and network security for large enterprise operations. He's also developed front and back-end database systems, remote sensing and surveillance modules, and designed and developed hundreds of websites from scratch.

Computer programming is both a hobby and profession for Alonzo. He's developed anything from weather radar and warning to real estate database software. Ben's fluent in C++, FORTRAN, HTML/CSS, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, and XML. He picked up programming initially as a teen and then started studying various languages in college.

He's one of a few people that creates high-end tri and quad-boot systems, based on a single internal hard drive setup (for special clients). He has his own Linux kernel that can run on almost any computer made in the last decade. Ben's also one of the few people that actually enjoys component-level PC troubleshooting and repair (soldering, replacing internal batteries, screens, plugs, and motherboard cables). As a hobby, he enjoys building custom desktop computers, programming dynamic content generators, and attempting to build tiny solar powered robots that can fly.

Ben's deep into consumer electronics, technical writing, testing, and reviewing new products that companies are about to introduce to the public. Some of the products he's tested include smart televisions, media players, tablet computers, radios, wireless routers, gaming systems, futuristic toys, remote control vehicles, digital cameras, weather radios, scientific instruments, and solar power equipment. Testing involves performance checks, measurements, firmware bug identification and fix recommendations, creating review videos and articles, and writing easier owner's manuals and online guides for users.

Ben's also a pilot that loves flying whenever he can. He loves flying into new places and producing digital media with his company. During his free time, Ben's spent over fifteen years volunteering with multiple organizations to serve the community. He's a musician that loves playing guitar and listening to a wide variety of music. He travels all over the world, loves discovering new things, observing nature, educating, and meeting new people. If you get the chance to talk to him, be sure to suggest some more awesome music and places to eat (he loves talking about this during lectures).

Ben loves to speak about science and tech topics. Please see the contact page or his academic college profile pages for public speaking requests (schools, government, corporate, and non-profit organizations welcome).

Advertising, Sponsorship & Public Speaking

ULTRA TechLife seeks potential advertisers, sponsors, and business partners that have products or services of interest to our audience. We feature product reviews from expert perspectives to potential customers and industry leaders. Ben also loves to show off the latest science and tech stuff in the classroom, online, and during public events. Our audience continues to grow and we're always looking for awesome products and services. See the media kit for more information, public speaking, interview, and sponsorship requests. Feel free to contact us with your questions or requests.

Write for ULTRA TechLife

ULTRA TechLife is also interested in hearing from science, tech, medical/health, and engineering undergraduate and graduate students with demonstrated subject matter expertise to write content for our website. Send us your resume, an introduction about yourself, and examples of something you've written online. We may decide to work with you on either a paid or volunteer basis. Select internships (required for various credit(s)) may also be available.

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